Trees planted in turf  need 2 -4 inches of mulch to be healthy

Trees in Turf

Mulching around trees is good horticultural practice

Trees are often planted in turf grass in today's landscapes. However, they are usually incompatible. The negative effect of turf on tree growth has been well documented for forest trees and fruit trees. Turf grass can severely inhibit tree seedlings planted in lawns, golf courses, cemeteries, and along roads.

Research shows that trees growing in a mulched environment have better growth and less stress than those growing together with turf.

A two - four inch layer of wood chips or bark over the soil is beneficial because mulch:

  • Retains soil moisture and allows roots to breathe
  • Reduces weeds and controls grass
  • Increases soil fertility as mulch decomposes
  • Dramatically improves appearance
  • Protects the trunk and surface roots from serious injuries caused by mowing equipment and trimmers
  • Improves soil structure (better aeration, temperature and moisture conditions)
Cagwin & Dorward can provide tree basin mulching services with our Landscape Maintenance and Installation services.

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