tree inventory and tree reports

Tree Inventory & Tree Assessments

Tree Inventories and Tree Assessments can help you efficiently manage your tree care services.

Whether a tree is a native heritage or an installed ornamental, it adds value to any property. Trees can reduce heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer, provide shade for pedestrians and vehicles, and create habitat for wildlife. It is the responsibility of the property owner to protect their tree's values, tree inventories and tree assessments can assist with this goal.

Tree Inventory

Trees are identified by species and location on the property. Each tree is assigned an identification number and tagged for easy reference. The tree locations and numbers are documented on a site map and stored in a database for easy reference. The inventory creates a database of information about your site; all future tree care services refer back to and be directed by this documentation.

Tree Assessment

A tree assessment provides individual review of each tree identified in the tree inventory. This information can be used to make recommendations for optimizing the health, beauty and safety of your trees.

The information obtained from the tree inventory and tree assessment is used to create a long-term tree management plan for your trees. The tree management plan assists in creating budgets and plans to prioritize tree care work.