Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable landscaping reduces waste, uses fewer resources, and creates habitats that protect wildlife and human health.  Our organic program improves the health of your soil, so that you have healthier drought resistant plants. 

You can transition to an organically maintained landscape at a reasonable cost.  We will work with your budget and priorities to integrate your choice of sustainable best practices into a custom program that fits your specific needs.

Our Sustainable Services Include:

  • Bay Friendly & River Friendly Landscaping
  • Calculation of LEED points and Bay Friendly site ratings
  • Organic weed and pest management
  • Soil testing, analysis and improvement programs
  • BioSwales and rainwater catchment
  • Water-Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) compliance

We are becoming part of the solution by committing to preserve the beauty that surrounds us and to heal our planet for future generations.