Landscape Improvement Plan (LIP)

Studies show that attractive landscaping can add up to 28% to your property value. We can create a Landscape Improvement Plan (LIP) that allows for planning and budgeting to improve property value, as well as help you to manage operating expenses. LIPs can assist you in prioritizing projects using a realistic budget, to systematically improve your landscape. LIPs are also a useful tool to transform traditional, high water use landscape areas such as turf, to beautiful, lower water use plants and shrubs. LIPs can also provide HOAs detailed information to supplement reserve studies, and provide commercial properties with information to aid in the real estate budgeting process.  

Download a Sample LIP

LIP Proposals Include the Following:

  • Site maps, project locations and optional photos
  • Issues, solutions, and scope of work
  • Budget – costs, schedule and phasing opportunities

Depending on your properties unique needs, LIPs can include the following scope of work:

  • Improve aesthetics
  • Weed suppression
  • Soil health – supporting Soil Foodweb
  • Up to 30% more water holding capacity in soil = water savings!
Smart-Controller Installation
  • Typical ROI of 1-4 years
  • A “no-brainer” in a drought
Inline-Drip-Irrigation Conversions
  • Double water savings by converting from spray (45%) to inline drip (over 90%) efficiency
Turf Conversion
  • Reduce water use by up to 70%
  • Typical ROI of 10-20 years
Hardscape Repairs
  • Reduce risk from trip & fall liability
Design Development for Design-Build Renovations and Master Planning
  • Communicating the vision for a renovation is often best achieved through a conceptual planting plan & plant palette with photos
  • Design costs average 4% of construction costs, well below industry average of 10%+
Fertigation (application of fertilizer through the irrigation system)
  • Improve soil health
  • Only way to effectively fertilize with drip irrigation
  • Reduce labor for fertilizer application
  • One step application of fertilizers, soil amendments, insect control, critter control or any other product required to solve landscape problems
Irrigation Sub-meters
Spray Nozzle Upgrades
  • Improve efficiency and reduce water runoff
Backflow Testing
  • Required by water districts on an annual basis

We are happy to create an LIP for your property as part of our landscape maintenance service. Due to the comprehensive nature of the LIP Proposal, it often takes 2+ weeks to prepare. Please contact your account manager or email us at