Harbor Bay Business Park Medians

The median islands along Harbor Bay Parkway, beginning at Ron Cowan Parkway and ending at Bay Edge Road, were transformed from long stretches of grass to an appealing, water-saving display of plants and various mow-free grasses. The new landscaping will have a ‘windswept’ look to accentuate the shoreline setting while significantly reducing water use. The new landscaping is Bay-Friendly rated, with a score of 79, and saves 2.9 million gallons of water annually!

Instead of traditional methods of excavation and removing plant material from the site to the landfill, the medians were sheet mulched to prepare the soil for replanting. Sheet mulching, a Bay-Friendly landscaping technique, involves placing cardboard, water, compost, and organic mulch on top of the existing turf. The process improves the health of the soil, and greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the project because existing plant material biodegrades on site.

At the project ground-breaking celebration, over 40 members of the community joined project partners, Cagwin & Dorward, April Phillips Design Works, GS Management Company, Harbor Bay Business Park Association and The City of Alameda, for a sheet mulching demonstration. Speakers highlighted the benefits of sheet mulching, Bay-Friendly landscaping, and reduced pesticide use – especially important in this bay-front location.