CLCA Water Management Program

Our CLCA Water Managers Have:

  • Saved our customers over 30,700,000 gallons of water in a 12 month period by watering under budget. That is enough water to meet the needs of 90 families of four for one year!
  • Company wide, they have watered 49% below budget across numerous micro climates, varieties of plant material, and property types.

Certified professionals help cut water costs with high efficiency techniques. Cagwin & Dorward has over 20 California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) Certified Mangers on staff, the most of any single organization in the state of California!

Your CLCA Water Manager Can Help:

  • Improve your landscape: overwatering leads to weeds, pests, and plant disease.
  • Preserve your hardscape: fences, concrete, asphalt, etc. erode faster when subjected to over-spray and runoff.
  • Save you money: Water rates just keep going up. Saving water saves money.

To become certified, CLCA Certified Water Managers must pass a written test and demonstrate proficiency for one year on actual landscape sites. To maintain certification, they must continue to water at least one site to a budget and track results monthly.

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Through numerous case studies highlighting our real-world results, our CLCA Certified Water Managers have proven they can get results!

Cagwin & Dorward Case Studies

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