2015 Spring & Summer Newsletter

Are you Considering Turf Conversion?

With all the recent news and information about California’s severe drought, you have probably heard about turf conversion. The turf conversion process involves transforming an area of turf into a planting area, ideally with low water-use plants.

Converting turf to low water-use plants, watered by drip irrigation, can yield a substantial saving in water use. Some projects we’ve completed have achieved as much as a 70% reduction in water use!

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Landscape Improvement Plans

Studies show that attractive landscaping can add up to 28% to your property value. We can create a Landscape Improvement Plan (LIP) that allows for planning and budgeting to improve property value, as well as help you to manage operating expenses. LIPs can assist you in prioritizing projects using a realistic budget, to systematically improve your landscape. LIPs are a useful tool to transform traditional, high water use landscape areas such as turf, to beautiful, lower water use plants and shrubs.

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Drought Planning

As California enters a fourth year of severe drought, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted emergency regulations to safeguard the state’s remaining water supplies. Each water district has the option of adopting the state’s drought response plan or adopting their own plan, tailored to the conditions in their area.

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Is Your Irrigation SMART?

What is a SMART Controller? Smart controllers automatically adjust watering based on daily weather data or soil moisture sensors. This helps plants receive appropriate amounts and frequency of watering. Some Smart controllers are known as “ET” controllers.

What is Evapotranspiration? Evapotranspiration (ET) is the combination of water lost from the soil through evaporation, and the water that is used by plants, transpiration. ET varies daily and by location. Four factors are used to measure ET: temperature, wind, solar radiation, and humidity.

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