2014 Fall & Winter Newsletter

What Season is it Anyway?

We know what season it is because the calendar says so, right? However, Mother Nature looks to be challenging the calendar with a few tricks up her sleeve as fall approaches. Wind, no wind… is it hot or cold, and for how long? Normally at this time of year we are patiently awaiting the treat of cooler weather, light mist, and even, dare we say it…RAIN!

Since our weather is looking terribly unpredictable in the upcoming months, all we can do is prepare as best we can for the unexpected by having tree care concerns addressed and prioritized by a certified arborist. Below are some tips for when you meet with an arborist to review your tree care needs.

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Design-Build Landscape Renovations

Design-build is a superior method for project delivery of landscape renovations. It creates value for property owners. Choosing design-build is choosing a process of collaboration and negotiation where an owner has one primary contractual relationship for the design and construction of a project. From concept, to renovation, to maintenance, the vision for the landscape is strategically aligned with the owner’s budget and schedule. The design-build approach minimizes design costs and ensures the design aligns with the owner’s budget and renovation timeline.

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Climate-Appropriate Plants

Amid all the fears and challenges associated with climate change and an unprecedented drought, there is a silver lining for landscapes in California. As more water agencies and municipalities enact water rationing, enforce water conservation ordinances, and impose fines on water-wasting practices, the typical landscape of California is changing –and changing for the better! As great swaths of turf and traditional thirsty plants are systematically replaced with more climate-appropriate plants, the California aesthetic is shining through –and it’s both functional and beautiful.

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Harbor Bay Business Park Medians - The Savings Continue!

In 2011, the median islands along Harbor Bay Parkway, beginning at Ron Cowan Parkway and ending at Bay Edge Road, were transformed from long stretches of turf grass to attractive displays of water-saving plants and various mow-free grasses.

The newly renovated landscaping’s ‘windswept’ look accentuates the shoreline setting, and has been using significantly less water since its installation, which is especially important with the extreme drought in California

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Plant Spotlight: Cistus

Do you have a dry sunny spot with poor soil and little water where other plants have failed? Cistus is the plant fot you. Cistus, also known as Rockrose, is a tough as nails, drought-tolerant, fast-growing, evergreen shrub. Leaves are soft green, gray, or silver. Flowers are white, pink, or purplish-pink and bloom for about a month from spring into early summer.

Rockrose is often planted in fire-hazard areas, dry banks, or in rock gardens. Taller shrubs make good hedges. Rockroses prefer areas with full sun and need little or no water. They can tolerate poor soil, heat, or cold winds and ocean spray. When planting, spread out the roots so they grow deep into the ground. Avoid overpruning. Cut out old stems to keep plants strong.