2013 Winter Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We are eager for new opportunities and look forward to continuing collaboration with our customers for a safe and prosperous 2013!

Edible Garden installed at Corporate Campus in Alameda

Cagwin & Dorward collaborated with Landscape Architect April Phillips to design and install a sustainable landscape and an edible garden at the new VF Outdoor Headquarters in Alameda. The newly constructed corporate campus is seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status from the U.S. Green Building Council. The sustainable landscaping Cagwin & Dorward installed will help them achieve their goal.

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Is your Irrigation "smart"?

Is your Irrigation Smart? We mean, can your irrigation controller decide how much water your plants need each day, reduce property damage, and save money on your water bills? Or can it let you know when something’s wrong with the system, like a broken head or leaking valve? Can you shut it off or change the programming from the comfort of your office? And, can your controller show you how much water you used for the month? Well if not, then welcome to the 21st century and Smart Controllers!

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After-Hours Emergency Service

Is your irrigation running? Is there a fallen tree? Why all the questions?

As we announced in our last newsletter, we recently upgraded our After-hours Emergency Service. We’re happy to have received some feedback. Many of you wondered why you’re being asked so many questions.

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The Dogs of Cagwin & Dorward

We love dogs here at C&D. We believe dogs in the office provide stress and comic relief. Here is a peek into our doggie family.
The dogs of Cagwin & Dorward continue to succeed by:

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Plant Spotlight - California Pipevine

Pipevine (Aristolochia californica) is a striking vine that is native to the San Francisco Bay area. It is also a host plant to the spectacular Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly. Also known as the California Dutchman's-pipe, pipevine is a deciduous, woody vine with deep-green, heart-shaped leaves. Its distinctive pipe-shaped flower presents in winter and develops into an equally interesting star-fruit shaped seed pod.

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