Spring Newsletter

2013 Spring Newsletter

Spring has Sprung

Who doesn’t love spring? Everything is fresh – fresh flowers, fresh produce, and fresh air. Enjoy our fresh spring newsletter!

Are You Ready for Budget-Based Water Rates?

water rates going up

Water districts throughout the state are working on meeting the mandated goal of reducing water use 20% by the year 2020, and what the increased conservation means for their operating budgets. Earlier this year, a gathering of California water districts discussed the value of switching over to budget-based water rates.

To understand why water districts are considering the switch, it helps to know how they currently charge for services. Many water districts cover costs through a combination of a fixed meter fee, based on the size of the water meter, and through the cost of the water itself.

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Biological Pest Management –Aphid Control

biological aphid control

With all the stress put on today’s landscapes, they are predisposed to many pests and diseases. Some of the most common pests are aphids. Aphids are amazing creatures: They give live birth and reproduce asexually, and they do it fast. They have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria that allows them to live off plant sap. Aphids also practice mutualism with ants; ants farm the aphids and protect them from predators in exchange for sugary honeydew.

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The Musicians of Cagwin & Dorward

Song of Sonoma

Our employees not only work hard at C&D during the day, but they have active lives outside of work. This story highlights a few of the talented musicians we have here at C&D.

Lynda Casillas is a Payroll Administrator at our corporate office. She has been singing, acting, and dancing since she was in grade school.

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Plant Spotlight - Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

Beauty and Water conservation in one plant? Of course! Just plant some “Flapjacks”

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora is just one of 120+ striking succulents in the Kalanchoe genus. Succulents are a wonderful addition to your garden areas that get direct sun, little frost and rarely need water. It is also known as Paddle Plant, Flapjacks, Desert Cabbage, White Lady, and Geelplakkie. This colorful plant produces a stalk that can be up to a meter high and has lovely yellow flowers. Like all succulents you never have to deal with thorns or spikes as with their cacti cousins.