2013 Fall Newsletter

Beautiful Autumn!

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

~ Albert Camus

Cagwin & Dorward's CEO Retires After 41 Years

We are both happy and sad to announce that Mr. Dennis Dougherty has retired from his position as president and CEO of Cagwin & Dorward.  Throughout his 41-years with Cagwin & Dorward, Dennis’ leadership helped us weather substantial industry and internal changes to remain a leader in Landscape Maintenance throughout Northern California.  Now that Dennis is retired, he hopes to spend more time with his family and learn to cook Indian food.  We will miss seeing him around the office, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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Cagwin & Droward Employee Spotlight

Dorie Rosa, Billing Specialist in our corporate office, has been travelling to Baja Mexico every year since 2003 to volunteer with children and families in need.

Dorie and her suitcase packed with toys and clothes for the children, journey to Vicente Guerrero, a small town 6-hours south of the border.   

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Responsible Fertilizer Application

Using fertilizer responsibly is important for your landscape, and important for the overall health of the watershed downstream from you.  Using too much fertilizer can be harmful to plants.  Negative effects include root burn, weak stems, lower quality fruit, and fewer flowers.  Using too much fertilizer can also cause fast, unhealthy plant growth, which makes plants susceptible to insect infestation and fungal disease.

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2013 Coastal Clean-up - Make Trash Extinct

Neither Rain nor sleet nor a dark and stormy Saturday will stop C&D’ers from volunteering at Coastal Clean Up!

Cagwin & Dorward's Green Office Team (the GO Team) once again coordinated a C&D community service event in conjunction with the California Coastal Cleanup Day. This was C&D's 6th year of volunteering to rid our beaches of trash and debris.

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Invasive Species for Sale Near You?

Recently one of our employees visited a local garden center and noticed an interesting plant for sale: Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius). This showy shrub is in the pea family, grows 3-12 feet tall with yellow flowers. Many states have it listed as a NOXIOUS WEED and or as a QUARANTINED PLANT and require property owners to remove it or be fined.

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