Drought Planning

As California enters a fourth year of severe drought, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted emergency regulations to safeguard the state’s remaining water supplies. Each water district has the option of adopting the state’s drought response plan or adopting their own plan, tailored to the conditions in their area. While the specific response from each local water district will vary, we know that the following are minimum requirements:

  • Urban water suppliers must now limit the number of days per week that customers can irrigate outdoors
  • Water agencies can fine property owners up to $500 a day for failure to implement conservation requirements, which will include:
    • Runoff when irrigating with potable water
    • Outdoor irrigation during and within 48 hours following measurable precipitation

Cagwin & Dorward is a resource for you. We are continuing to stay engaged with the various water districts, and keep an eye on water restrictions, rate increases, and other considerations that may impact our customers as a result of the drought. We always focus on efficient landscape water-use and understand the responsibility of carefully managing your landscape investment.

The following services are included in our standard landscape maintenance service:

If we have not already worked with you to reduce your water use, we want to proactively partner with you now to create a water conservation plan for your landscape. Having a plan in place means you will be ready when your water district implements mandatory water reductions. Failure to comply with these mandates may result in penalties, higher rates, or both.

The first step is to understand your changing priorities due to the drought, and the unique needs of your landscape. We will work with you to identify:

  • Valuable assets, such as heritage or mature trees
  • Focal areas, such as entry ways and monument signs
  • Low visibility or low priority areas where additional water reductions can be made

Once we understand your priorities, we can use the following tools to implement your site-specific water conservation plan:

Let’s plan ahead to minimize the drought’s impact on your landscape investment. Contact us today by calling 800-891-7710, or email us at drought@cagwin.com