Worm Composting at two C&D Offices!

Wriggling Recyclers are Turning Food Scraps into Compost!

For millions of years, worms have been hard at work breaking down organic materials and returning nutrients to the soil. Worm composting is using worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material into a valuable soil amendment. Worms eat food scraps, which become compost as they pass through the worm's body.

Marino Avila, an Account Manager from our Martinez office, started a worm composting or vermiculture program over a year ago. The process is simple, the worms require only a cool, well drained habitat, bedding material such as shredded paper, and a steady supply of fruit and veggie scraps. In these conditions, they will happily compost your food scraps indefinitely.

Marino has harvested several 5-gallon buckets full of compost. The compost is taken home by employees and used at job sites. He even has a local business saving coffee grounds for his worms. The program has been so successful that he recently added a second worm box. As the worms multiply, Marino takes approximately two thirds of them to a job site, usually The Willows Shopping Center, and releases them into the soil. Once released, the worms move through the soil digesting organic matter providing compost, improved soil structure and aeration.

Lorrie Harter, Operations Manager from our Salinas yard has also started a worm composting program. The employees at the Salinas yard compost office food scarps and plan to start composting organic material from job sites once the worms have increased in numbers enough to compost a larger volume of material.