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On a drizzly Saturday morning, volunteers set out to transform the entrance to Knox Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa.  The space had been nothing but bark for a while, and it was time for an update.

Dan Rasmussen and Hannah Hawkins, employees of Cagwin & Dorward, volunteered their time to create a simple plan, organize the project, and help with the installation.

The church grounds and its community garden are watered with a reclaimed water system, and it was important to keep this sustainable theme with the new plantings. So a drought-tolerant plant pallet was chosen, with a goal of once the plants are established, they will not need to be watered very often, if at all.

Strawberry trees, Lantana, Breath of Heaven, Barberry and Wild Lilac were placed alongside the pathway leading to the church entrance. The project was a success! And there was even rain in the afternoon to water-in the new plantings!

Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers and to these companies who contributed the plant material and transportation of the plant delivery: Cagwin & Dorward, Urban Tree Farm, Vine & Branches Wholesale Nursery, and Master’s Touch Custom Upholstery.

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