Summer Limb Drop

It doesn’t take a mighty wind or perilous winter weather to cause branches to break and cause damage to your home, car and yes even you, family or neighbors. During the warmer months of June-October trees need more water to cool off. The water evaporates through the leaves and helps reduce wilt and sunburn. Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, and some trees uptake over 300 gallons per day! With all that extra weight, you can imagine that a limb or two could break each year.

  • Pruning is the best way to reduce the chances of Summer Limb Drop, not to mention that regular maintenance helps reduce the chances of damage from high winds or winter storms. I recommend weight reduction for the long lateral limbs.
  • Water your trees infrequently with heavy soakings. This promotes healthy root systems and improves the trees vascular system functions.
  • Disease and insect prevention/control helps reduce stress during the long California summers.
  • Heritage trees or large trees located near homes or high traffic areas should be inspected annually.

Consult a Cagwin & Dorward certified arborist to review and evaluate any concerns you may have about your trees.