Don't Throw it, Grow it!

Maybe you don’t have the time or outside space to have a veggie garden, or maybe you are frugal and just like the idea of getting two heads of lettuce for the price of one. The following foods will regrow from scraps with minimal space and effort.

Green Onions

Once you’ve chopped up a green onion for cooking, all you need to do is submerge the white end with the roots in a container of water (leaving the top of the plant above the water’s surface) and place it in front of a window. The onions will begin to grow roots and the green part of the onion will grow back. When you need onions for cooking, you can harvest the green tops and the base of the plant will continue to grow. Remember to change the water periodically to keep the plant healthy.


When you chop up celery, leave the base of the plant intact. Sit the celery base in water and leave it in the water for about a week, change the water every few days, and in a week or so, you will notice small, yellow leaves growing from the middle of the plant and the outer stalks will start to deteriorate. At this point, you can plant your celery in soil, either in a pot or in your garden

Romaine Lettuce

Cut off the lettuce you plan to use and leave a couple inches at the base of the plant. The romaine heart can then be set in water. New leaves will start to grow from the center and the outer leaves will die (and should be removed). The inner leaves will grow, and can be harvested there, or can be planted in the garden for longer lasting growth.

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