Spooky Halloween Plants

Who needs Halloween decorations when nature provides such bizarre and beautiful creations? Display these flowers and plants to add a little haunt to your house this season...if you dare

Doll's Eyes

Resembling a space alien from a 1950s sci-fi movie, doll’s eyes has globular white fruit with a disconcerting black “iris.” This eastern North America perennial, also called white baneberry, is very toxic — ingesting the berries or stems can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

Zombie Plant

Euphorbia platyclada is a living succulent plant that looks dead, or at the very least like a zombified plant taking imperceptible micro-steps forward with its leafless arms splayed out and fingers dangling like dead weights.

Monkey Cups

Native to nutrient-poor soils, monkey cups (Nepenthes‘Miranda’) have dangling pouches that capture and dissolve insects for food. They are like roach motels, insects check in, but they never checking out.

Frankenstein's Houseplant

Crested euphorbias are like something out of a monster movie. Grafted onto stems of another type of euphorbia, their crests gradually double over as they grow.

Dead Man's Fingers

Cotyledon orbiculata oblanga‘Flavida’ has long grayish-white finger-like leaves, makes us all feel like we’re living in a post-Apocalyptic world and old men are crawling out from the ground.

Dracula Flower

Those exceptional orchids with bizarre upside-down flowers closely resemble the face of a vampire, complete with eyes and teeth in the form of two long spurs of the sepals. These mysterious orchids grow in shady, cold conditions.