Heuchera – A Lovely, No-Fuss Perennial

Common Names: Alumroot, Coral Bells

Description: With its colorful foliage and delicate blooms, Heuchera brightens up any garden throughout the entire growing season. Heuchera has pretty heart-shaped, rounded, or triangular leaves which can be smooth wavy, or ruffled. The leaf coloration varies by cultivar, and there is a variety that will be stunning in every garden. In most locations, they are considered evergreen as the foliage lasts throughout the year.

In the spring Heichera produces clusters of cream to red colored coral bell shaped flowers on tall wiry stems that rise above the. They bloom from a few weeks or throughout the entire season, depending on the variety. Many of the improved varieties available today are hybrids showcasing various foliage colorations and flowering characteristics.

Heucheras are great plants for either edging a bed or using a group as a focal point. They suffer from very few pests and diseases, but powdery mildew can sometimes be a problem.

Preferred Conditions: Heuchera prefer part to half shade but in colder climates would like full sun with humis rich, evenly moist and well-drained soil. Some Heuchera will also tolerate a deeper shade.

Maintenance: Provide Heuchera with winter mulch and deadhead to encourage repeat blooming through the summer. Pruning back foliage in early spring to make room for the new growth but is not absolutely necessary. Divide every 3-4 years as needed.

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