Native Plantings & Edible Gardens

Alrie Middlebrook, Jessie Lett and Kelly Matheson from Middlebrook Gardens and the California Native Garden Foundation, and Cagwin & Dorward’s Operations, Sales and Marketing team met on Wednesday to collaborate on a new vision for the future of commercial landscaping.

Alrie Middlebrook, Jessie Lett and Kelly Matheson gave a presentation about their Healthy Land Use model.  Healthy Land Use is a paradigm shift in the way we think about landscapes and landscape maintenance.  Instead of the traditional ornamental landscaping with nonnative, water intensive plants, and acres of turf, their model uses native plants to create landscapes that will thrive in the California climate and soil types.   A garden designed with the Healthy Land Use principles is about 33% edibles to ensure landscapes are as functional as they are beautiful.  They also create habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects as well as requiring significantly less water than traditional commercial landscapes.

Cagwin & Dorward looks forward to partnering with The California Native Garden Foundation and Middlebrook Gardens to create and maintain sustainable landscapes that meet the principals of Healthy Land Use.