Water Managers Can Save you Money!

We have proven we can save our customers water and money. Read our water saving case studies to see how we saved 12 of our customers a total of $225,100 and 105,000,500 gallons of water annually. Often the cost of water used to irrigate the landscape is equal to half the cost of maintaining the landscape, so using water efficiently is important.

We have found that typically water savings can be achieved by focusing on three distinct areas:

  1. Proper irrigation controller and system management
  2. Irrigation system improvements using existing and new technologies
  3. Landscape renovations (eliminating high water use plant material, building healthy soils)

We require all of our Account Managers to earn a CLCA Water Manager Certification, and we have helped develop the Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers (QWEL) program.

We are proud of our employees’ commitment to conserving water. Please let us use this enthusiasm to help you save a precious resource.